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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Library In Your Pocket

The Yavapai County Library system is participating in the eBook system called Overdrive. What this means, for people willing to spend a little time figuring things out, is that you can access a catalog of digital ebooks and audio books. With the proper software installed you can read or listen to these books on a wide variety of devices.

Kindle, the eBook service offered by Amazon is one of those software providers. If you are not familiar with that, you can go here and download the software for your device.

Once you get that done, you then go to the Sedona Public Library site, sign on to your account, find a book to read and a couple of clicks later, you can be reading or listening. Given the fact that the only thing you pay for is the cost of your device and internet connection, this is an amazing arrangement.

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  1. Our family absolutely loves this! We've had it since the Library started it from the beginning. Going to sleep by having a story being read to you is wonderful. We put it on after we've read books to the kids ourselves and I have the AudioBooks on while I'm working. They've got a great selection. We have the OverDrive Media player downloaded on our laptops & we can access these eBooks & Audiobooks from anywhere there's wi-fi. It's a wonderful, free way to get more from your library!